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Genetics and Eye Color
Genetics and Eye Color

Each and every part of your body is controlled by the instructions given by the genes. These instructions further help you to tackle the environment. Your DNA is the thing that provides the set of recipes and the genes used by the cells to carry out the daily function. The same is the case for your eyes color. 

Recent studies on genetics and eyes have concluded that there are more than 8 genes that influence your eyes color. Among those, the gene that is related the most to your eyes color is OCA2. This gene nearly controls about ¾ of the total eye instructions. Today we are going to discuss the OCA2 gene in detail and find out its effects on eye color. So read the blog carefully and share your experience with us. 


Formally known as the P gene, the OCA2 gene provides instructions for the formation of a protein named P protein. The P protein is responsible for generating a pigment called melanin, which gives hair, skin, and eye color. Melanin is also found at the back of eye, i.e. retina. There it plays a role in normal vision only. 

Health Conditions Related to This Gene

Every gene influences a specific part of your body. And when the genes pass through the mutation process, it makes several genetic disorders. Similarly, the OCA2 gene also causes a few health conditions. If OCA2 mutation occurs, it may cause any of the following health condition:

  • Melanoma:
    it is a type of skin cancer that begins in pigment-producing cells. 

  • Angelman Syndrome:
    When a mutation of OCA2 gene holds in chromosome 15, it results in Angelman syndrome.  

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome:
    The region of chromosome 15 containing the OCA2 gene is often deleted in individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome.

  • Oculocutaneous Albinism
    : People who have Albinism have been identified that more than 80 mutations of OCA2 are found in them. 

Location of OCA2 Gene

The gene is located in chromosome 15, i.e. q12-q13.1. 

Other Names

A few alternative names for the OCA2 gene are BOCA, Melanocyte-Specific Transporter protein, P Gene, P_HUMAN, PED, pink-eyed dilution protein homolog, and Oculocutaneous Albinism II.

This is all that we had for you today. If your eyes color matches your parents or siblings, it must be due to genetics. And the OCA2 gene has played a key role in it. If you further looking for information about it, you can simply contact us and avail of our services.

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