About Us

HealthWiz360 (Patent Pending) is part of the healthcare advisory practice of IMG Advisors. Our focus is to empower users with the right information and detailed analysis to help them take charge of their health & wellness. Hence, the birth of HealthWiz360 … Revolutionary & Comprehensive Health & Wellness Wizard!


We invest in R&D, technology development, and data analytics to come up with models that are easy to follow to achieve the desired wellness goal. Our journey has been well over 5 years, and the model is continuing to evolve to achieve wellness goals with knowledge and ease. Our solutions help users to learn about themselves and then apply the model and the knowledge to work towards wellness. We enable you!

  • To enable users with information that they can use to achieve wellness goals
  • Proprietary model and logic to achieve your wellness goals
  • Mobile apps and website to work from anywhere to achieve your wellness goals
  • Partnerships with health & wellness service providers to help you achieve your wellness goals
  • We believe in user empowerment and as such, we develop and manage solutions that guarantee user empowerment to help them make better decisions for their health and wellness!
  • Our Model


    What you eat is also an important part of your health & wellness. Nutrition control is one of the key parts of any health & wellness plan. We empower you about your food and diet and how it is interfering with your wellness goals.


    Activity or Lifestyle decisions are also very important and are dictated by your genetic composition and the Diet plan you follow. Our system brings this into your wellness equation.


    This is about who we are and how our Genetic composition may interfere with our daily diet and lifestyle to dictate some of the wellness outcomes. Our system tracks your responses and shows you how it impacts your wellness goals.

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