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How Diabetes 2 is Related to Genetics
How Diabetes 2 is Related to Genetics

Before we find out the relation of diabetes 2 with genetics, we must know briefly about diabetes. Basically, diabetes 2 is a type of diabetes and is a very complex disorder. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle usually cause this condition. 

Let’s see a family history of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused because of genetics. It means you have inherited the genes from your parents that are related to diabetes. Moreover, there’s a pretty bright chance that you are not the first one in your family and siblings to suffer from this genetic condition. So this condition is only developed in you if your parents or siblings had it. 

There are commonly three types of genes that are likely related to type 2 diabetes. These are TCF7L2, ABCC8, and CAPN10. Time to find out the working, importance, and effects of these genes on diabetes 2.

TCF7L2 gene

It is a transcription factor influencing genes and plays key roles in the growth of cells. The TCF7L2 gene is the member of TCF Family and it exerts a variety of functions in a cell. A patient of type 2 diabetes probably suffered the mutation of TCF7L2. As its mutation is highly related to this genetic condition.

ABCC8 Gene

It is a member of the ATP-binding gene family and is one of the common factors to increase the risk of chances of type 2 diabetes.  Apart from the TCF7L2 gene, this gene provides specific instructions for making the sulfonylurea receptor protein, that is found across the cell membranes. So if the gene passes through the gene mutation, it might be severe for your health. 


The third gene that is related to type 2 diabetes is the CAPN10 gene. It helps in the formation of the calpain protein. These proteins are involved in maintaining neuronal structural integrity which is essential for normal cellular function and survival. When this gene is muted, the risk factor of getting type 2 diabetes increases to a pretty much extent. 

Genetic Testing

Now, you must be wondering how can you find if these genes and their mutation are located inside your body. For this, we have some genetic testing options for you. These are:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index) 
  • Your Family History
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Triglycerides and Cholesterol levels  
  • History of gestational diabetes
  • Having certain ancestry like Hispanic

In the end, there are a few tips for diabetes prevention that are listed below:

  •  Start an Exercise Program
  • Create a Healthy Meal Program
  • Choose Healthy Snacks
  • Use Cheese and Whole-Grain Crackers

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