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Exercises For a Better and Healthier Wrist
Exercises For a Better and Healthier Wrist

It’s time to get well-known about the importance of wrist in the fitness field. Every workout requires powerful wrist work. But most of the people are unaware of it. Have you ever delivered time to improve your wrist? Probably No. But not anymore, you must give a specific time to your wrist work and have a healthier wrist. Now, you must be wondering that how can I have a better wrist. Just perform the workouts that are described here, and you will hopefully have good results. Let’s do it then.


Wristies have a well worth of it, and it naturally involves building a simple contraption. To perform this workout, you need to first cut a wooden dowel or PVC pipe to about 1 foot. Then, attach a thin rope that is about 4 feet in height. This will stop the dowel from spinning when you will rotate. Now, attach a carabiner to the end of the rope and hang the weight of about 2.5-5 lb. In the end, hold the dowel with both hands out while keeping your arms straight. Use your wrist to slowly roll the rope and the plate. Doing this will isolate your wrists and will strengthen them.

Slow Wrist Rotation

Ten wrist rotations in one direction of both hands are good enough for a cool down or warm-up. But the main advantage of doing it is that it will improve your wrist power, so as wrist work. To perform it accurately, take a seat and anchor your forearm with your other hand. After that, slowly rotate your wrist in one direction and try to recruit as much range of motion as you can. After completing ten rotations, take a deep breath, relax, and change the side.

Dynamic Wrist Stretch

It is the most commonly performed stretching to strengthen your wrists. Flip your hands upside down on the floor and make sure that the back of your hand in on the ground. Then press your elbow straight into a dep wrist flexion. Now, intentionally rotate your hand 180 degrees until your fingers facing toward your body.
Spending one minute per wrist is good enough for making the wrist healthier as well as to warm-up or cooldown. 

Lateral Wrist Rocks

It seems quite strange and mysterious by its name. And it surely is. We hardly find a person who works their wrist laterally. Place you all four fingers of one hand on the ground and make a punch/fist with your other hand. Keep that fist on the ground too. Now, rock back a bit and start moving your wrist laterally too and fro. During the workout, your main goal should be to gain as much range of motion as you can. A set of 10-20 wrist laterals can be a solid choice. 

Moreover, you can also try Wrist Flexion Stretch that will hardly take 2 minutes of your overall workout. Contact us for more. 

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