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Body Parts That Need Extra Stretching
Body Parts That Need Extra Stretching

Stretching, somewhat similar to yoga, is the best method of making your body more fit and flexible. Stretching can help to make you less sore the next day. People prefer stretching of glutes, quads, hamstrings, pigeon, and various other kinds. But they always neglect and ignore some crucial parts of your body that also require stretching. In this blog, we will discuss the stretching of those neglected body parts. Not only it will relax your mind and body after a hard training workout session, but it will also help you to have a comfortable sleep at night. With any wastage of time, let us get started.

Half-Kneeling Lat Stretch

It seems quite mysterious by its title but has numerous benefits on your health. To perform half-kneeling lat stretch, correctly position yourself and get lunge. Now grab the post with your outside arm and put your hands below that. Hold the position for at least one minute and then change the side. Repeat the same process and take a deep long breath to feel better.

Feet Bottom Massage

The bottom of the feet is one of the most neglected things in the stretching field. And it’s all because people are unaware of its benefits. But not anymore, it’s time to do now. Roll the bottom of your foot on a lacrosse ball and spend a minute or two on each foot. Then switch the side and repeat the drill. You will hardly find a more leisurely stretching exercise than feet bottom massage. During the process, don’t forget to put as much pressure on the ball as you can. Doing this will make you more comfortable, and you will feel as opposed to pain. 

Wrist Stretch

Many people will be aware of this stretching. It is very essential and crucial to give your wrists some attention after hitting a hard workout training session. It is not compulsory to do wrist stretch after the workout only, as you can do it before too. Bend down on your knees and put your hands on the floor while keeping your arms straight. After a short interval of time, turn the hands upside down and stay in the same position for as long as you can. However, 30 minutes for each turn is good enough.

Frog Stretch

You might consider it as a funny type of workout. But the fact is that frog stretch has a vast number of benefits on your body. You will hardly see a person who is stretching his inner thighs and groin. As everyone is busy in performing stretching of quads, hamstrings, glutes, etc. The frog stretch is good if it is done after a big squat day. Besides these workouts, there are few other stretchings as well that you must perform. Like:

  • Shoulder Extension Stretch
  • Dowel Sit
  • Low Back

Spend ten minutes of your daily-life time on these stretching to avail of its never-ending benefits. For more, click on the Contact Us button and find a way to talk to us.

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