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Flawless Exercises to a Bulletproof Neck
Flawless Exercises to a Bulletproof Neck

Once you get entered into a state of neck pain or severe injury of the neck, it is quite hard to get rid of it. It may prove to be fatal and can also result in a lifetime of bad posture. People often follow numerous kinds of lifestyle changes. These lifestyles are listed below:

Rethink Your Pillow: the pain can be due to a hard or uncomfortable pillow that you use at night. You will rethink of replacing your cushion. 

Rethink of Laptop Position: Your Laptop can be a cause of your severe neck pain. Place the laptop at the correct position and change it after a specific interval of time.

Consider a Supplement: Even weight gaining supplements can cause you so much neck pain. So be aware of it and stop using it if the neck pain continues to increase. 

Hydration: Do not let your body to be dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, at least eight per day. 

Besides these lifestyle-changing hacks and tips, if you continue to suffer from neck pain, perform the workouts and exercises that are described below. Hopefully, the results will be much better.

Straight Jacket Sit

Seems pretty attractive with its name, but very easy and efficient to perform. Studies have proven that bad posture is the foremost cause of severe or normal neck pain. The straight jacket sit has been discovered to overcome this cause. Sit with your legs straight on the floor and cross your arms. Just stay in the same position for at least 1 minute and take a long breath then. 

Feet-Planted Deadhang Hold

You might consider it a dangerous workout due to its title. But the fact is that it is one of the best exercises to alleviate neck pain and build stronger & bulletproof neck. Just stand on a plain box of elevation, from where you can easily reach the bar. Now grab the bar and bend your knees to immerse your weight on the box. And guess what, the workout is done. Now you will feel a good stretch, and your neck & back pain will be released. 


Cat-Cow can be reviewed as a kind of funny exercise. It is a classic yoga pose that gently moves your body from spinal flexion to spinal extension. The cat-cow yoga gives you an opportunity to control, balance, and maintain your posture over the movement of the spine. While performing cat-cow yoga, proper focus on mind and body is required. Stay in the position of yoga as long as you can and then take a deep long breath to relax. 

In total, all these workouts will take only 6-7 minutes of your day. If you are interested in working out more and want to challenge your body, try Supine Plate Neck Raises and Prone Plate Neck Raises. For more, just contact us and stop worrying about your health.

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