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Why Weight Lifting is Important for Women
Why Weight Lifting is Important for Women

Weight Lifting is a famous type of workout mostly done at home and gym. This workout is common among boys and it has a vast amount of benefits on health and fitness. Weight lifting helps to strengthen the bones and build up muscles. However, here we will talk about why women need to lift weights. Basically, women need to lift weights for many reasons but unfortunately, most women skip it. Instead, they spend all their time on cardio and aerobic exercises. Yet, the reasons why women need to lift weight are as follows. 

Metabolism Increases & Torches Body Fat

Lifting heavy weight increases your metabolism and burns the unnecessary fat of your body. The greatest fat burner is cardio exercise, but its effect ends the minute you step off the treadmill. But according to recent researches, women who lift more weight tend to burn more calories even after ending the workout session. Therefore, you must lift weights and stay fit. 

Gives Empowered Feeling

Lifting weights and building up strength results in a self-esteem boost. As a result, you will feel the overwhelming power in your lean and sculpted body. Not only this but your attitude and ability to tackle parenting will also increase. In fact, recent studies have shown that women who lift the weight not only get build physical strength but mental strength as well.

You Will Prevent Injury

When you lift heavy weights, your bones get stronger and you build more muscles. Since you become very strong, your body prevents you from serious injuries like broken bones. By lifting weights, you will strengthen core muscles and those surrounding and supporting your joints. This can help to prevent injury by maintaining good posture and strengthening joint integrity. It is better to hire a personal trainer to make sure you understand proper lifting form. 

Fit Clothing 

Women at the age of 30-50 are most likely to lose 10% of the body muscle mass that later replace with fat. Therefore, women should maintain muscle mass by lifting weight.

Build Stronger Bones

Lifting weights builds stronger bones and prevent osteoporosis. When you lift weights, you engage muscles that pull on the tendons which, in turn, pull on the bones. This added stress makes bones stronger.

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