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Discreet Exercises Possible at The Desk
Discreet Exercises Possible at The Desk

Many people go to the job and really get tired there. Since they are working in an office on the desk, they find no way to relax. But it is not the same as anyone. Now one can do some discreet exercises on his or her desk and regain mental relaxation. In many cases, these exercises are important for your health. Studies say that prolonged sitting can increase your risk for a disease like Diabetes 2 or even death. This theory becomes more complicated if your working hours are high and you have to sit on a chair for 8 hours. That is why, the discreet exercises, which will be discussed here, must be done regularly at the desk. It will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes of your life. But these 10 to 15 minutes can prove to be life-saving. Moreover, these exercises will strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility without breaking a sweat. Various exercises are described below.

Seated Secret Core
This workout looks strange and mysterious by name, but it is very easy and effective for use. To perform this workout, you need to sit tall in your chair with your pelvis slightly tilted forward. Pull your belly button in and now hold down the position 10 to 15 seconds and then come back to normal position. Repeat the process for at least 5 times. 

Marching Core
This one is also insane by name but is easy to do. However, it can be a challenging one for beginners. For this, you need to move forward in your seat so that you’re sitting on the edge of it. Engage your core and lean back slightly. Always remember to keep your back straight during the whole process. Now again hold the condition for 10 to 15 seconds and then relax a bit. Repeat this one five times as well. 

Seated Torso Twist
To perform seated torso twist workout in a proper and effective way, try to sit as tall as you can on the chair. Inhale, and when your exhale, twist to one side. After twisting, take a few long breaths and again try to twist a little deeper. 

Shoulder Blade Pencil Pinches
All the above-mentioned discreet workouts take a few minutes or even an hour to show its effects. But not in case of Shoulder Blade Pencil Pinches. This workout is an instant posture improver. Again sit as tall as you can on the chair and feel like you are balancing a glass of water on your head. Then engage your core & pinch your shoulder blades together and relax. You must repeat this process for at least 20 times.  Other discreet exercises that you can also do are listed below:

  • Million Dollar March
  • Million Dollar Quad Pulses
  • Hand Behind Back Chest and Shoulder Opener
You must try all of these strategic activities at the desk so that you can have a better and healthier day. 

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