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Ways To Manage Diabetes At Workplace
Ways To Manage Diabetes At Workplace

Just think about it for a second - various heart diseases and diabetes that account for more than 60% of deaths in the US and worldwide are easy to manage. Yes- very easy. You’ll come to know after you will read this blog. Just follow the comprehensive lifestyle changes. Read the simple steps below that can help you manage work and health at the same. 

Make A Success Plan 
First & foremost, get yourself a smart start before your shift. Sleep well, must eat breakfast and plenty of water before you step in for the office. Why should I start my day this way? If you will begin with these steps, you’ll be free from stress while your body sugar level will remain steady. 

Share Your Needs With Employer
Taking snack breaks isn’t an easy job especially when you are diabetic. You do not have any place to store your insulin. The best solution to deal with such kind of problem is to bring your boss on board and explain to him your requirements. Simply tell him about the basics of diabetes only if he doesn’t have any idea about it. The best way is to ask your doctor to provide a written note to your employer on your behalf. 

Understand Basic Rights
If you being a diabetic patient makes you nervous, then go on the internet and search for your rights. You will find a lot of material that will not just boost your confidence as an individual person but as an office worker where it's very hard to speak about the physical well being. All laws are made in your maximum benefit so that you can manage disease and work at the same time. Your boss is not liable to punish you. Instead, he should inquire about a reasonable request that’ll help you do your day-to-day job easily. 

Choose The Best Partner
Do not pick a better half who can do nothing better for you apart from adding insult to injury.  Therefore, pick a partner with whom you can share both physical and mental health. He should at least know where your supplies are, what are the symptoms of low blood sugar and how to help you in your most need time. 

Opt Snacks Smartly
If you have diabetes, you know that hunger pangs are normal. Hence, smart snacking timing and snacks collection is essential. Plan for midafternoon sugar slumps ahead and fill the lunch box with hummus, veggies and some healthy fats (almonds, walnuts). Else, you can also give a try to carb-free drinks ( Hot Green Tea or Unsweetened Iced Tea). 

Be Ready For Emergencies 
Unhealthy eating habits cause major health problems. So, you should be ready for unexpected emergencies. Your tools (CGM- Continuous Glucose Monitor) should be with you in a bag, or desk to treat a low blood sugar event. To prevent this situation, ask your doctor to test the blood sugar every day. Keep insulin at its proper temperature or store it in an insulated small cooler with ice packs. Moreover, find various ways to perform some  30-min physical activity on a regular basis. I hope so this blog will help you how to live in a workplace if you have diabetes. Follow the steps from today and see a difference.   

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