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Toe Tap Exercises
Toe Tap Exercises

Health has now become a serious issue all over the world. Many people lack a healthy life, which tends to make them weak and continuously ill. For a proper and healthy life, proper diet and few regular exercises are necessary. One of those exercises w222is the Toe Tap exercises, which is a popular exercise in numerous workout plans. These kinds of exercises can be found in the boot camp style classes, as a part of a dynamic workout. Similar to other workouts of life, the toe tap exercises can also be referred to as an exercise that is entirely different from others. Yet, three kinds of Toe Tap Exercises will be briefly discussed here.

Standing Toe Taps
Generally, this type of Toe Taps is usually performed during warmups, conditioning drills for sports like soccer, and lifting heavy weights for bodybuilding. Indeed, it is also considered as a part or cardio class. It all because of its advantages and benefits. For instance, the Standing Toe Tap is great to control and improve the heartbeat rate. On the other hand, it is very useful to lose weight in a better way, is it burns the calories at a very good rate. Not only this but the workout is also helpful in improving the speed and balance of one’s body. The Standing Toe Taps is further divided into several types which are listed below: Basic Standing Toe Tap Modified Standing Toe Tap Circle Toe Taps Lateral Toe Taps

This type of workout is suitable for all levels of fitnesses. All you need is a plyometric box, Bosu Ball, the bottom stair in a staircase, and a stable structure. Perform the basic standing regularly. You can also do it in repetitive sets of 2-3.

This is also similar to the basic standing toe-up, but it requires less fitness level and workout stamina. In other words, it is a short form of basic standing toe taps. You can modify the moves and still can get better results. Do it for 20-30 seconds and repeat the process 2-3 times including 15 seconds of rest. Unlike these two, the Lateral Toe Taps and the Circle Toe Taps can also be done using minimal effort.

Toe Taps Ups
It is also known as toe touches. These vertical Toe Taps Ups are typically part of an abdominal workout that focuses on the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and obliques. Furthermore, Toe Taps Ups also helps in daily workouts like bending, lifting, twisting, and carrying items. Apart from the name, there is no requirement of touching your hands to the toes. Just take the hand as close to your toe as you can. Lie down on an exercise mat with your knees bent and arms at your sides. Lift both feet off the floor and extend your legs up until your tights are perpendicular to the floor. Start the workout and perform it as much as you can. Do the exercise regularly for 10-12 weeks for the best results. The third and final type of Toe Tap Exercises is the Pilates Toe Taps. for more information, contact us.

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