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Best Trapezius Exercises For Muscle And Power
Best Trapezius Exercises For Muscle And Power

Many people feel uncomfortable doing cardio or other weight lifting exercises, which are very useful for their health. They experience this due to a lack of stamina and non-consistent health. For such discouraged people, there are 4 non-weight trapezius exercises that they can try. You must have noticed that bodybuilders have such a curved and sculpted neck. The main reason for it is that they’ve heavily worked their trapezius, a large stingray shaped muscle. This workout starts from the right elbow and continues to go down to the spine in a V shape. Usually, Trapezius helps to stabilize the shoulders and the upper back. It also leads to the removal of back pain as well as good posture. To keep a good Trapezius workout, bodybuilding might be very important. The following are the four Trapezius Exercises that you must try and do.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze
On number one spot, its the Shoulder Blade Squeeze. If you are a real bodybuilder and want to have a strong trapezius, then you must require a Trapezius workout. This will help to stabilize your shoulder and upper back. A few tips that you must follow are mentioned below:

Try To Stand With a Good Posture
Slowly squeeze the shoulder blades together and hold for 3 seconds. After a few more seconds, try to release the shoulder back to the relaxing position. This workout can also be done with the help of cables or a resisting band.

The second best possible workout for a strong trapezius is Shrug. It is very common and probably the easiest way to be implemented. It is also one of the best exercises to activate the trapezius. The result will be more effective if you do this with lifting weight in your hands. But it can be very challenging and is advised to avoid it for beginners. Similar to Shoulder Blade Squeeze, you must stand with a good posture. Then raise your shoulder as high as you can, hold a count for 2-3, and release them back to the relaxed position. Repeat this workout for 20 times.

Upright Row
For the best possible strengthing of your Trapezius, there is no better workout then Upright Row. This workout can be done without or with dumbells. With dumbells, it's more challenging but effective. In this workout, unlike Shoulder Squeeze, you need to stand up straight. Clench your fist and then pull them up as high as possible. During this process, don't forget to bend your elbows and keep your hands close to the front of your body. Similar to Shrug, hold the count of two and repeat the whole process for 20 to 30 times.

Pushups are one of the best exercises in every field. It increases strength and stamina and much more. There are several types of pushups. These types include a standard pushup, a Pushup with kneeling on the floor and a standing pushup against a wall. A few tips for it are listed below:

  • Put your hands flat on the floor of the wall
  • Lower your body toward your hands while keeping your back straight and your stomach tight. The main point about pushups is that you need to take down both of your shoulders at the same time.
Try all these workouts and get a chance of improving and strengthening your trapezius.

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