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Ways To Eliminate Stigma Men Facing- Treatment Of Mental Illness
Ways To Eliminate Stigma Men Facing- Treatment Of Mental Illness

It is frequently asked question why men have a harder time seeking treatment for mental illness? In this blog, we will try to let you know about the fact. In general, we usually ignore the stigma which is surrounding mental and stops most of the people from seeking proper help. In other words, this stigma is silently killing those victims. Many studies have shown that the suicide rate of men in the world, especially in the United States is about 3.54 percent higher than women. This is surely alarming. In this high alarming rate, most of the men committed suicide due to high depression. Now, let us talk about the stigma men face.

The Stigma Men Face
Many doctors have provided several theories on this death-causing condition. According to Dr. Raymond Hobbs, a lot of men feel shameful in proclaiming that they are suffering from such a condition. But deep inside, they are fully stressed and depressed. This clearly shows that this type of thinking is completely outdated. People in the past era were and are still unknown to the modern generation. The past people are unable to speak to the current medical understanding. But the main point is that the mental health of men still struggles a lot and has now become a personal issue and fortitude.

The Burden of Toxic Masculinity
Toxic masculinity is a psychological word that is referred to as certain cultural norms. The cultural norms are associated with society to harm the men badly. But that's not about what it is. Several types of researches have concluded that some people, especially men, take a very long time to get well attached to the society and the neighboring regions. Toxic masculinity can also be referred to as the way males are brought up. Keeping this stuff in mind, almost hundreds of doctors have said that the symptoms of this death-defying condition will continue if the victim (boy) doesn’t ask for help in the time of need. The next question that will raise in your mind be that what is the time to ask for help. There are several situations in which a person needs another person's help. A few moments of life when help is needed are: Change in Mood The difference in Work Performance Weight Changes Sadness, Hopelessness, or Anhedonia Physical Symptoms like Stomach Issues are Headache. Such a condition in which loss of pleasure is in danger or the victim is getting away from the things that used to give enjoyment before, is known as Anhedonia. If you find out any of the above conditions in your family or friends, then let them remember that they need someone’s help. Because at that time, asking for health would be his or her strength rather than weakness.

Reducing the Stigma
Most of the men believe so much in themselves and think that they can do anything on their own. But that's kinda impossible. So, such men surely require a treatment process in which the Stigma is reduced. For this, you can follow the steps and pieces of advice mentioned below: Talk Openly About Your Mental Health Educate Yourself and Others Be Conscious of Language Encourage Equality Between Physical and Mental Illness Show Compassion for Those with Mental Illness Chose Empowerment Over Shame Be Honest About the Treatment Let the Media Know When They’re Being Stigmatizing Don’t Harbor Self-Stigma

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